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Taxiapp is a free application that can be downloaded on iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. With it, the user can request a vehicle (with driver) to take him from one corner to another, very similar service with the one of taxis.

Taxiapp works in a very practical and simple way: after entering the application, the user requests the desired vehicle and expects it to be found through the geolocation. The payment of the ride, in turn, is also made through the mobile device - via credit card.

Taxis, as the application itself defines them, are well maintained and geared for everyday use. However, they are improved cars: cleaner and more comfortable, capable of offering more transport.

BESPOKE More Features

1. Possibility of 'division' of tariff :

For app developers, simplifying life means making it more comfortable and responsive at the same time. And if you and a colleague go to places that are close by on a daily basis, how about dividing the price, too, when it comes to transportation?

With Taxiapp you can call your friends to participate in this experience, and you can both be responsible for identical charges on each of your debit or credit cards. With this, Taxiapp seeks to end those everyday occurrences between friends, like "I’ll pay you later" or "you owe me."

2. One-touch trips :

One of the key features of Taxiapp's functionality is that it uses the GPS of its own device to know where you are. And it is through this technology that it becomes possible to connect the user to the available driver who is closest to them.

In addition, it is worth noting that the whole process is carried out in a simple and instantaneous way, even if the driver does not yet know the exact address you are looking for.

3. Guaranteed and Reliable Services :

When you request a driver for your trip, you can rest assured that Taxiapp will find a professional in a matter of moments and will also allow you to track your location to know where it is and when it will arrive with total precision.

If the user likes the driver who answered, they may still feel comfortable asking for their phone number - allowing future trips to be made by that driver. When the driver arrives at the location, you will receive a text message alerting you to your smartphone.

In the application, it is still possible to check information about the vehicle and the name of the driver that will serve you. If you want or need, you can send a message or call on your mobile phone.

4. Clear indication of values :

Before you even decide whether or not to travel, you can now check the fares for your city in a specific tab of the app. In addition, you also receive an estimate of values ​​by entering the source / destination location, which ensures that you already have an idea ​​how much will be charged.

5. Simplified payment :

The Taxiapp payment is much more convenient – it is all automated. As soon as the journey is finished, the user can pay by credit or debit card - without having to walk with cash every time they go for a taxi.

6. Importance of comments :

Uber also has a feedback system to make the Taxiapp standard never 'downsized'. This is because drivers must always meet a specific quality standard, which is measured by feedback from users at the end of each journey.